I also work with client that are English spoken. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Hello. I’m Dalila Dias, Di for you.

A Portuguese woman living in Mozambique.

I believe in passionate, soulful and sustainable tourism. I am passionate about the concept of Slow Travel and Slow Food. I create unique, passionate, exclusive, memorable trips that make your dreams come true, cure prejudices and dogmas, awakes awareness and delight the senses.

25 years ago I overcame my phobia of flying, and the prejudice of society and started my journey as a solo traveler.

I am the founder of the Heelsandspices.com Blog where I share my trips, experiences, photos, recipes and travel tips.

Let us dream together?

My purpose is to help make your dream trip a reality, in a sustainable, authentic and genuine way, far from stereotypes and mass tourism, that has no soul and realizes no dreams.